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0 - Lead news story - Adam

Adam’s long road back to meaningful work

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For many years, Adam struggled with his body. Injuries and mobility issues made life tough, while discrimination because of his disabilities meant finding work was difficult.

“After waiting for eight years for the surgery, I had had enough of sitting around. With the support of CVGT Employment I started looking for work again.”

As part of the Wodonga ParentsNext and Disability Employment Services programs, Adam worked with CVGT Employment consultants Josh and Dimitti.

Together, during regular meetings, they developed Adam’s resume and applied for jobs.

The Wodonga employment services team also pitched Adam’s skills directly to employers – and it was this approach that delivered a breakthrough.

“We came across John and Grant at Wholesale Butcher, who were fantastic right from the get-go,” Adam says.

“We chatted with them in the store, and they asked Dimitti to send over information and by the next day, I had a job offer.”

John and Grant were impressed with Adam’s prior meat work experience and comforted by their previous collaborations with CVGT Employment.

The role has proved a great fit for Adam, who loves getting up early for work each day after enduring so many years of frustration.

“I’m learning new things every day, and they are happy to teach me,” he says.

“I enjoy working with all the staff, everyone is friendly and easy to get along with.

“I couldn’t work with a better group of people.”


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