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no to 80% tender

no to 80% tender

Campaign Timeline

Monday 14th May 2012
DES-ESS contracts extended to five years

The Australian Government has announced that future contracts for Disability Employment Services-Employment Support Service will run for five years to ensure greater stability and continuity. Read more.

Monday 20th February 2012
Government's response to the DES Senate Inquiry

The Australian Government released their response to the Senate Inquiry Report into the administration and purchasing of Disability Employment Services today. Read more.

Tuesday 22nd November 2011
Senate Inquiry report released

The Senate Inquiry report regarding the 'administration and purchasing of Disability Employment Services (DES) in Australia' is due to be released today.

Thursday 26th September 2011
Senate Inquiry Submissions close

Submissions closed for the Senate Inquiry today.

Late August to mid September 2011
Disability Employment Australia Consultation

Disability Employment Australia will consult with member organisations to supplement our submission to the Senate Inquiry.

Tuesday 23rd August 2011
Email Your MP

Disability Employment Australia launches a tool to raise the awareness of MPs regarding the Senate Inquiry. Email your MP now - it takes less than 30 seconds!

Tuesday 23rd August 2011
Senate Inquiry announced

A Senate Inquiry was announced regarding the 'administration and purchasing of Disability Employment Services (DES) in Australia'.

Monday 11th July 2011
Meeting with Minister Kate Ellis

Lynette May, CEO and Bec Jackson, Senior Policy Officer from Disability Employment Australia met with Kate Ellis, in Adelaide to discuss the Government’s Procurement Decision. 

Wednesday 29th June 2011
Campaign announced to members and Minister Kate Ellis

An announcement was made during the Disability Employment Australia Conference 2011 that we would oppose the Government’s decision to tender 80-86% of Disability Employment Services providers. Minister Kate Ellis, Minister for Employment Participation and Childcare; Minister for the Status of Women,  was in attendance, and was advised of the sector’s intentions.

Tuesday 28th June 2011
Board of Directors endorse campaign

Disability Employment Australia Board endorses a call from their members to actively oppose the Government’s 11th May 2011 Procurement Decision. 

June 2011
Consultation on procurement

Throughout June a consultation process took place to determine what action, if any, should be taken in relation to the Government’s Procurement Decision. Member organisations, individuals, Independents and focus groups provided feedback regarding their position and preferred action.

11th May 2011
Procurement decision announced

The Government announced their intention to take all one, two and three star providers of Disability Employment Services to tender for contracts in 2012. This equates to 80-86% of the Disability Employment Services industry.