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Download, print & distribute this flyer/poster to promote the No to 80% CampaignEmail your MP to demand a better deal for employees and jobseekers with disability.

What do I need to do?

  1. Start by locating your MP by using the Find Your MP tool below
  2. Then, fill your details in the form providedDisability Employment Australia logo
  3. You can edit the message to your MP if you like
  4. Then email your MP, or you can choose to print it as letter and send it by post
  5. Tell your colleagues and clients about the campaign, and ask them to email their MP too. Download and distribute our flyer/poster.
  6. If you get a response from your MP, please let us know NDS logoby forwarding it
    to heather.wilson@disabilityemployment.org.au

The more voices, the stronger the message!

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