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Media Release: Disability Employment Australia mourns the death of Stella Young

Disability Employment Australia, 8 December 2014
Disability Employment Australia joins with Australia to mourn the passing of prominent comedian, writer, speaker and disability rights advocate, Stella Young, who passed away on Saturday evening at 32 years of age. 
Along with being a well-known comedian and journalist, Stella campaigned tirelessly to shift public attitudes and misconceptions about people living with disability. In recent years, she was a key voice in the debate around the need for a National Disability Insurance Scheme in Australia. 
Stella recently joined Disability Employment Australia at Deakin University’s ‘Conversations that Matter’ series on disability employment and the National Disability Insurance Scheme, where she told the audience it was time for people with disability to start infiltrating businesses rather than waiting to be included.
In late November, Stella wrote a letter to herself at eighty years old for The Sydney Morning Herald. In it she illustrated her determination and dedication to advocacy and disability rights: “By the time I get to you, I'll have written things that change the way people think about disability. I'll have been part of a strong, beautiful, proud movement of disabled people in Australia. I'll have said and written things that pissed people off, disabled and non-disabled people. You will never, ever stop challenging the things you think are unfair.”
Disability Employment Australia Chairperson Rick Kane says, “We are proud to have worked alongside such a perceptive and driven woman who had a keen eye for justice and an even keener sense of humour and satire. She has been a remarkable advocate for disability rights. Stella’s quest to break down stereotypes around disability, challenge stigma and create change will be proudly carried on by many including Disability Employment Australia.”
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