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Core values are Junee Waites' legacy

Tue, 11 Dec 2007, 01:43 PM

Bega District News
December 7th 2007

AT THE annual general meeting for Work Ability on Monday the chief executive officer Virginia Fitzclarance paid tribute to former chair Junee Waites who she described as "a local hero".

Ms Waites retired last year after 12 years as chair to become Workability's inaugural patron.

"Her legacy is the following core values: worth of the individual, inclusiveness, diversity, dignity and equality, outcome achievement, highest ethical standards, community collaboration and commitment to the Disability Services Act," Mrs Fitzclarence said.

She outlined the achievements of the organisation during the year, including the successful community inclusion of 33 young people in a school leaver program and the fact that 90 per cent of school leavers completing their two-year transition to work program had gained long term employment.

Ms Fitzclarence said Workability had gained funds from DADHC to begin a program to support community inclusion and independent living opportunities for people with disabilities with older parents but was likely to lose funding for a pre-employment training scheme in which people with disabilities mow lawns for returned service personnel.

Mrs FitzClarence thanked the new chair Brad Prym and his deputy Jamie Klemm for their expertise and enthusiasm and to Mary Guthrey for her strong leadership as treasurer.

She said Workability continued to work with the Association of Competitive Employment), National Disability Services and the National Council of Intellectual Disability.

"We have supported over 400 job seekers across the far south east, supporting 60 per cent of them into on-going employment, with 43 per cent keeping their jobs for 13 weeks and longer against a local average of 28 per cent and a national average of 31 per cent.

"This is terrific in an area of increasingly complex social and environmental barriers to employment for all job seekers."

She congratulated the job seekers who worked so hard to achieve these results and the progressive employers who got their work done and contributed to the community by employing through Workability.

Other speakers at the meeting where Tim Holt of ABC radio, chair Brad Prym, client representative Cara Hay, treasurer Mary Guthrey, returning officer Dominique Rideaux, team leaders Allan Parrott, Leony Power and Peter Harvey and local heroes Nicole Allison, Lisa Hocking, Neil Fisher, Jamie Klemm and Glen Buston.

The local Worker of the Year Award went to Grant Mathews of the Bega Valley.

The local Employer of the Year Award was won by Susan Wentworth of Imlay House.

The WorkAble Skills Award went to John Kivits.

The School Leaver Program Awards went to Stephen Robertson for his Transition to Work, Tim Enright for his Transition to Work, Mary Jaa Jaa for her Community Participation and Cameron Guthrey for his Community Participation.

The Traineeship Awards went to Hayley Stocks for receiving Certificate III in Aged Care, Byron Boehn for receiving Certificate II in Horticulture, Fred Wiedeman for receiving Certificate II in Business and Khrystie Evans for receiving Certificate II in Retail.

The Board of Management Awards went to Penny Skinner and Ken Cole.

The Rock'n'Roll Award went to Josh Halligan.

The Life Skills Award went to Colleen Macklan.

Staff awards went to Peter Harvey for Team work, Julie Armstrong for Client Services, Robert Taylor for Direct Support Trainer, Penny Umback for Administration, Neil Fisher, Kylie O'Neil, Annie Childs and Denise Holland for their Diploma in Disability and to Natasha Lloyd Jones and Peter Harvey for their Certificate Four in Employment Services.

Tim Enright with his Transition to Work award is congratulated by Lisa Hocking from Bega Cheese.

Tim Enright with his Transition to Work award is congratulated by Lisa Hocking from Bega Cheese.

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