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‘We must act now’: Barriers uncovered for young people with disability

Thu, 21 May 2020, 02:21 PM

Maggie Coggan, Pro Bono News, 20 May 2020

Young people with disability are more likely to report poor mental health and are twice as likely to have been bullied in the past year than young people without disability, according to data analysis from Mission Australia. 

The new analysis, released on Wednesday, has been pulled from Mission Australia’s 2019 Youth Survey and marks the first time the charity has analysed its Youth Survey data with a focus on the experiences of people with disability.

Mental health for young people with disability was found to be a major concern. Nearly half of all young people with disability who were surveyed had experienced mental health problems, compared with 30 per cent for their able-bodied peers. One in four young people with disability were concerned with suicide, compared with 13.5 per cent of young people without disability.

Young people with disability were also twice as likely as their peers to be bullied in the past 12 months, with two in five young people with disability reporting being bullied (43 per cent compared with 19 per cent).  

When it came to education and employment, the outlook was slightly more positive with eight in 10 respondents with disability found to be studying full-time, and nearly 50 per cent planning on going to university. 

But the number of young people with disability not studying is still more than double that of their peers (9.4 per cent compared with 3.6 per cent), showing young people with disability are at greater risk of becoming disengaged in their study. 

In response to the findings, Mission Australia said it was now aiming for greater consultation and collaboration with young people with disability and more action to address their concerns, improve their wellbeing, and remove the physical, structural and social barriers that impact their lives.


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