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Melbourne: Open innovation competition on accessibility

Thu, 22 Mar 2018, 12:19 PM

City of Melbourne, March 2018
With almost one in five Australians experiencing some form of disability, a large proportion of our community face challenges to actively participate in city life.
We are running an open innovation competition that aims to make cities more accessible for people with a disability. The competition will run for six weeks, and we’re asking for submissions from innovators, entrepreneurs, businesses and the community that:
  • Enhance the provision of information to help people with a disability participate in all aspects of life within a city  
  • Make sure the people and places of Melbourne better address the access needs of people with a disability.
Submitters are encouraged to incorporate data-driven and technology-enabled approaches into their submissions which address issues such as accessible parking, footpath navigation and wayfinding.
The top five solutions will be pitched at an event during Melbourne Knowledge Week in the second week of May 2018. The winner/s will receive prizes and ongoing support to test and bring the solutions to life in Melbourne. 
Find out more at the City of Melbourne

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