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World: Does the Canadian government make it too hard for people with disability to work?

Wed, 07 Feb 2018, 12:05 PM

Monique Scotti, Global News, 5 February 2018
The federal Conservatives have tabled a bill in the House of Commons that they say will help get more Canadians with disabilities into the workforce, arguing that right now, it can be more affordable for them to stay out of it.
The private member’s bill, tabled this afternoon by Conservative finance critic Pierre Poilievre, is unlikely to pass unless the Conservatives get the Liberals on-side.
“I have had some informal conversations with some members of the other parties, and the reaction has been very favourable,” Poilievre told reporters outside the House of Commons on Monday afternoon.
“It is intended to be a non-partisan initiative … I believe that all parties are to blame for the problems in the system.”
If it does pass, the bill (labeled The Opportunity for Workers with Disabilities Act) would amend the Federal-Provincial Fiscal Arrangements Act to ensure that Canadians with disabilities don’t lose more through taxation or the loss of benefits than they gain as a result of finding a job.
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