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World: How this disabled Elf on the Shelf could have secured an incredible bit of news for Cornwall

Thu, 11 Jan 2018, 11:03 AM

Ginette Davies, Cornwall Live, 24 December 2017
The antics of one Cornish Elf on the Shelf has led to a supermarket agreeing to look into installing a changing places toilet in its store for those with additional needs.
For Redruth campaigner Rachel George, who has been posting Alfie the Elf’s antics across Cornwall, it has made her year.
Rachel and her son Adam are active campaigners for Changing Places and hoist/changing assisted toilets to assist those who cannot get themselves onto a toilet. This includes an adult sized changing table to be able to change pads or sort clothes.
But this year Rachel decided to use Elf of the Shelf to raise awareness of all the issues that face people in wheelchairs, from not being able to enjoy full days out at tourist attractions, to shopping to going to a play park.
Her disabled elf, which represents 11-year-old Adam who faces the same problems every day, has gained worldwide recognition by highlighting issues faced by disabled people.
Rachel said she has spoken to the manager of the Penzance Sainsbury’s store three times and a final decision will be made in January with the hope the facility will be installed in February when other work takes place.
“It seems incredibly positive,” she said. “My son is thrilled as he loved going to Sainsbury's with his grandparents, but they are unable to take him without me now as he is too heavy to lift onto the toilet.
“It will be fantastic for wheelchair users if they have suitable facilities. It would an ideal place to meet friends and have a coffee. And Adam could go shopping with his grandparents again without his mum.
“If they do this it will make my year. For Adam that would tell him that he matters in so many ways."
Read: the full article at Cornwall Live

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