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Viewing life from both sides of the wheelchair

Thu, 04 Jan 2018, 11:46 AM

Lisa Cox, The Sydney Morning Herald, 1 January 2018
The senior journalist scanned me with scepticism and momentarily dropped her professional poker-face.
With raised eyebrows and poorly concealed disbelief, she ushered me into the studio for filming.
That was some years ago and I've had many similar experiences since. All sorts of people, places and events.
Recently I filmed a segment in one of Australia's largest commercial television networks and it was broadcast to millions.
But my excitement was dulled somewhat by the fact that the studio in which we were filming had no wheelchair accessible toilet.
While I'm used to such inconveniences, upon reflection of this seemingly trivial matter, I later realised that this was a glaring metaphor for how the greater Australian media industry consider the wider disability community.
They don't.
Disabled people simply aren't a part of the Australian media landscape.
How do I know this? Because I've been involved with facets of the advertising and media industry for many years and for approximately half of that time I've been disabled.
I've personally viewed things from "both sides" (with and without disability) and from various perspectives (as both the writer of content and the subject of content).
The experiences have been educational, informative, amusing, insightful and even infuriating.
In recent times, I've been intrigued with the commentary around "diversity" either relating to or made by two of Australia's biggest names in television.
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