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World: The advantages employers receive from hiring people with disability

Thu, 04 Jan 2018, 11:37 AM

Karen McClaflin, Sacramento Business Journal, 29 December 2017
People with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD) often represent a talented, untapped labor market that employers should consider.
You may think that hiring individuals with IDD is akin to George Bailey giving away money in It’s a Wonderful Life – good for the community, but not necessarily good for business.  Hiring people with IDD doesn’t mean that employers have jettisoned their business interests. On the contrary, hiring people with IDD is good for the bottom line. Mr. Potter might even be interested.
Studies have shown that people with disabilities:
  • are more aware and conscientious of safety in the workplace than their counterparts without disabilities.
  • take less absent days.
  • are highly motivated, leading to increased productivity.
  • are more likely to stay on the job longer than workers without disabilities.
  • are consistently ranked as good or very good on work quality, motivation, engagement, integration with co-workers, dependability and attendance.
help promote an inclusive culture that appeals to the talent pool organizations want to attract.
From a public relations standpoint, hiring workers with disabilities can create a more positive image for your business. Research shows that consumers prefer doing business with companies that employ people with disabilities, so there’s brand value. Establishing a reputation as a company that offers a more diverse workforce may make you more attractive to prospective employees, customers and business associates. Other companies in the Sacramento area may be inspired to follow your lead, eventually creating a more diverse business climate.
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