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Productivity Commission Report identifies information to mitigate NDIS risks

Thu, 09 Nov 2017, 10:02 AM

Alison Blake, Pro Bono News, 31 October 2017
The importance of good information can’t be over-estimated. Behind the NDIS mantra of choice and control is an assumption of informed decision making. Access to timely, accurate and relevant information are essential.
The Productivity Commission Report on NDIS Costs lays out in chapter and verse just how seriously quality information has been lacking within the NDIS and brings into question whether government policy and its culture around information sharing needs an overhaul.
The usefulness and effectiveness of scheme information has come under close scrutiny throughout the Productivity Commission Report on NDIS Costs.
The report identifies a significant need to improve the transparency, quality and availability of information in order to provide clarity and confidence to participants and providers and protect the credibility of the scheme.
Throughout the report, the commission calls on government, its agencies and other authorities to not just communicate what is happening, but how and why things happen to support participants to navigate the scheme and strengthen service providers capacity to deliver it. The commission report refers to public information usually produced by communications and marketing teams as well as the business information that is designed and developed by business units across government which is relevant to the transition and implementation of the NDIS.
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