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Baking Blind cook Penny Melville-Brown is filming cooking classes the world over

Thu, 09 Nov 2017, 09:56 AM

Desiree Savage, The Illawarra Mecury, 2 November 2017
Penny Melville-Brown is on a mission to show the world how to cook and prove life with a disability “can be fun, fabulous and fulfilling”.
The former UK Naval barrister went blind around 20 years ago but has continued to do all the creative things she loves and is now embarking on a world cooking tour which has stopped in Kiama.
The tour has already taken the blind baker to Costa Rica, China and the US in a variety of kitchens from hotels, fine dining restaurants to the middle of the jungle.
Ms Melville-Brown’s nephew is filming each of her cooking classes to be uploaded on her YouTube channel Baking Blind.
“This tour is not about me, it’s me being the flag-bearer for the millions of other disabled people around the world who just want a chance to show their capabilities,” she said.
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