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Future technology will replace less than 10 per cent of jobs, say HR managers: survey

Fri, 03 Nov 2017, 02:03 PM

AHRI, Medianet, 24 October 2017
Nearly two-thirds of HR managers (59 per cent) surveyed in a national study believe fewer than 10 per cent of jobs in their organisation will be replaced by future advances in technology, according to a survey of 1128 members of the Australian HR Institute.
To a more general question about the wider workforce, 51 per cent of the sample group said they do not expect machines and/or artificial intelligence to replace many jobs in the future.
A much higher proportion of the sample (78 per cent) expect that when technology does replace jobs, the replaced job will be redesigned so that the machine operates with an augmented human presence.
Asked about the wider economy and workplaces, nearly half (43 per cent) expect the gig economy will have a negative impact on workplace performance, customer service, culture and ethical behaviour. Another 23 per cent are unsure whether that will be an outcome of the gig economy.
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