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Disability advocates warn NDIS rollout could have 'disastrous' results

Wed, 04 Oct 2017, 03:24 PM

Christopher Knaus, The Guardian, 4 October 2017
The “unrealistic” pace of the national disability insurance scheme rollout is giving planners just two hours and a phone interview to make life-changing decisions about the complex support needs of people with a disability, advocates have warned.
Evidence has continued to mount in recent weeks that the NDIS – seen by most in the sector as a positive and transformational reform – is struggling to cope with the extreme demands of rapid implementation.
Last week the Queensland public advocate’s office warned the government would need to develop support plans for 3,600 people a week for the next two years to meet its own targets.
The office said the time pressures risked causing “disastrous” consequences for people with a disability, particularly those whose decision-making capacity was reduced.
On Tuesday more disability advocates added weight to those concerns during a parliamentary inquiry into the NDIS transition.
The Physical Disability Council of NSW, a state-based advocacy group, said the plan to transition 75,000 people per year to the NDIS was a “massive undertaking”.
Read: the full article at The Guardian

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