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Vision-impaired lawyer seeks funding for unique startup

Wed, 13 Sep 2017, 04:06 PM

Julia Batrim, The Observer, 12 September 2017
Dale Reardon is no stranger to adversity.
Having lost his sight at age 17, he went on to successfully complete a law degree at the University of Tasmania during the 1980s.
He was only the second blind student to attend the university.
Now he is hopeful that perseverance will pay off with his latest venture.
Dale started his own startup, called My Disability Matters, in November last year.
The startup is designed to provide a safe and positive space for people with disabilities to share information.
"Out on Facebook and Twitter, people with disabilities can suffer a lot of harassment and trolling," he said.
Loneliness is also a common problem (due to limited transport options and access to social events) and his website is designed to provide social connections.
So far he has had a positive response from the disability community with his social network club attracting over 2200 members.
His goal is to eventually create a business which can employ people with disabilities - but he is having trouble securing funding to make this vision a reality.
"The moment you mention disability, (people) think charity, not for profit ... but while we genuinely want to provide those services, we want to make (the organisation) self-sustaining and profitable as well," he said.
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