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ACT government asked to review payroll concessions for disability employers

Mon, 11 Sep 2017, 04:26 PM

Katie Burgess, The Canberra Times, 5 September 2017
The ACT government has been called upon to review its payroll tax exemption for people with a disability after advocates said its success was "limited".
The concession for up to $4000 was trialled from 2013 to 2016 as a way of in getting people aged 17 to 24 with disabilities into jobs.
But during an inquiry into the employment of people with a disability in the ACT public service earlier in the year, the ACT Council of Social Service highlighted the minimal role it played in helping people stay employed.
ACTCOSS executive director Susan Helyer told the committee the exemption risked propping up businesses that weren't "sustainable" without the incentive. 
Advocacy manager Craig Wallace said after the trial there was no evaluation to see if it "actually resulted in appreciable improvements".
One of the committee's 32 recommendations was that government evaluate the disability payroll tax concession scheme and publish the findings.
People with a Disability ACT executive officer Robert Altamore said that investment would be better spent directly supporting people with a disability in their employment.
"For example if they need extra support getting ready for work in the morning or taxi vouchers for getting to work, things that aren't covered by the NDIS," Mr Altamore said.
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