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Interview: Jim Stanford and Rob Hillard

Thu, 10 Aug 2017, 02:37 PM

Emma Alberici, ABC Lateline, 8 August 2017
EMMA ALBERICI, PRESENTER: So how much will the nature of work change in the coming decades and what will the jobs of the future look like? 
Jim Stanford is the director for Centre of Future Work at the Australia Institute. 
Rob Hillard is manager partner at Deloitte Consulting. 
Gentlemen, welcome. 
EMMA ALBERICI: As you look forward to this age where computers can think for themselves, are you filled with dread or delight?
JIM STANFORD: I'm an economist, Emma. I have two hands. On the one hand and on the other hand. It all depends, basically. 
If we use new technology to supplement our work, to make our work more efficient and then we use the labour that's freed from that to do other stuff that's important and useful, and we give people more time off in the meantime, then it's awesome. 
If we use technology just to fatten the profit margins of a few companies who push the no longer needed workers out the door to fend for themselves, then it could be a disaster. 
It's up to us as a society to make the choices about how technology is used. 
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