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Interview: Australia urged to embrace AI revolution, as report says automation will affect all jobs

Thu, 10 Aug 2017, 02:37 PM

Michael Vincent, ABC Lateline, 8 August 2017
MICHAEL VINCENT, REPORTER: Automation is already a key part of the Australian work force - driverless mining trucks, robots on our docks. 
Agriculture is another new field for artificial intelligence where machines have learned what we do and are attempting to do it better than we can. 
Now, it's white-collar jobs that are likely to suffer. 
ANDREW CHARLTON, ALPHABETA ADVISORS CEO: It will hit everyone. Everyone's job will change. 
MICHAEL VINCENT: Economist Andrew Charlton has analysed the entire Australian workforce. 
ANDREW CHARLTON: In the 1950s there were thousands of jobs lost to mechanisation in agriculture. In the 1980s and '90s there were thousands of jobs lost in manufacturing. 
What's different about the job losses in automation today is that they are affecting more and more white-collar workers in the service industries and creeping into the middle and high-income brackets. 
MICHAEL VINCENT: Take the law for instance. A new computer program can do in seconds what a law clerk used to take sometimes hours to do. 
Read: the full article at Lateline

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