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Jobseekers increasingly 'trapped' in cycle of casual employment, labour expert says

Thu, 10 Aug 2017, 02:18 PM

David Taylor, ABC News, 3 August 2017
Employers are increasingly discriminating against job applicants with a history of fixed-term or casual employment by denying permanent roles, one expert says.
Labour researchers claim it is a widespread problem and there is no obvious end in sight to the catch-22 for workers seeking greater job security.
Jim Stanford, director of the Centre for Future Work in Sydney, said the practice trapped jobseekers in a cycle.
"It's incredibly frustrating for people who are trying to get a foot in the door of the labour market," Dr Stanford said.
"They're told they have to have experience, and even when they get experience they're told they don't have the right kind of experience."
Dr Stanford said the problem was not limited to those with only fixed-term or casual experience.
"The same trap can catch people who do anything else, like working as a volunteer or getting an internship," he said.
"It really is a buyer's market in Australia's labour market right now. You can offer a job with rather inferior features and still have dozens of people applying for it.
"In that type of world, employers can be very arbitrary in picking out certain criteria to exclude many people from consideration."
Read: the full article at ABC News

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