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Defiant Lives: new documentary about disability that's already hit an obstacle

Thu, 13 Jul 2017, 01:21 PM

Garry Maddox, The Sydney Morning Herald, 7 July 2017
It took no time at all for a new Australian documentary about the rise of the disability rights movement to run into problems.
At the world premiere of Sarah Barton's Defiant Lives during the Sydney Film Festival last month, patrons were upset there were not enough wheelchair spaces in the cinema. As the organisers explained, the seats were wired in place, which meant only four wheelchair users could watch the film.
"It's been a thing that's followed us around," Barton says. "If you want a group of more than two or three wheelchair users to see a film, that can be really difficult."
The documentary, which is getting a cinema release this month, charts the changes since people with physical and intellectual disabilities were routinely kept in institutions for life, pitied and marginalised as less than human.
Read: the full article at The Sydney Morning Herald

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