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Farm provides services and farm skills for those living with a disability

Wed, 19 Apr 2017, 04:49 PM

Emma Brown, ABC News, 10 April 2017
Providing engaging programs for people with disabilities can be a huge challenge but in north west Victoria one service is having success combining egg farming with therapy.
The Sunraysia Residential Services (SRS) Benetook farm is set up so people living with a disability can fully participate in growing produce and caring for chickens, including collecting eggs in egg catchers positioned at wheelchair height.
Farm manager Michael Marks said the program enabled the participants to get outside and work with animals.
"Our clients get tremendous joy, they get excitement out of collecting the eggs," he said
"They just enjoy the activity with the chooks.
"There's always pleasure and smiles on their faces from that kind of interaction.
"We have a total number of 400 producing chooks and we are getting about 250 eggs a day.
"We are planning on growing flowers and other crops like peas, broad beans and rockmelons. We are dictated to by what people want."
CEO of SRS Marian Luehman said the farm gave those living with a disability skills and experience they were often unable to gain in wider society.
Read: the full article at ABC News

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