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'I no longer need to hide my disability from my boss'

Thu, 16 Mar 2017, 10:20 AM

Anna Patty, The Sydney Morning Herald, 16 March 2017
As a housekeeper, Teremoana Tangata hid her disability from her boss to protect her job. Since starting a new job at a major bank in Sydney five months ago, there has been no need to keep the secret.
Her new boss who looks after catering services knows all about the serious arthritis in her knees. And he tells her to rest if she gets too tired. 
"If it's a tough day, they say Teri sit down and have a little break," she said.
"When I'm at work I don't have to hide my disability, I can be myself.
"I was hiding it from my last boss because I didn't want to lose my job."
Ms Tangata was employed through a state government program that encourages major Australian companies, including Westpac Group, to hire people with disabilities. 
Westpac contracts hospitality and services company Compass Group Australia, which hired Ms Tangata to prepare meeting rooms for functions including lunches, afternoon and morning teas.
"I love it," she said.
The NSW Government's High Growth Jobs, Talented Candidates program aims to promote greater inclusion and independence for workers with disabilities.
NSW Minister for Disability Services, Ray Williams said his department is promoting systematic change across government departments and major businesses to get more jobs for people with a disability.
"Our government is focused on building a stronger economy with more jobs for the people of NSW, including people with disability," Mr Williams said. "Skill set and ability to perform the role are the primary factors employers should consider when hiring staff."
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