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Young disabled woman reveals her fight for employment

Wed, 15 Mar 2017, 04:23 PM

ITV News, 14 March 2017
A young disabled woman from Taunton, who has a full-time job, her own house and claims no benefits, is calling on local employers to tackle the 50% unemployment rate amongst disabled people.
Jasmine Rankin, 23, believes companies often discriminate when sifting job applications. She's experienced this first hand, as a result of living with Spinal Muscular Atrophy.
The condition has caused her muscles progressively to weaken. She was able to walk with a frame until she was about eight but from the age of eleven has used a wheelchair full time.
As she grew older, she went through school, gained good grades and left home to move into her own place. Her independence now means everything to her.
Jasmine went through a period of her life when she wasn't working and found it very tough. She was depressed and unmotivated and felt she was wasting her ability. So she started volunteering for the company that she now works for and made her way up the ladder.
Jasmine enlisted the help of Fixers and her project with them is to change employers' perceptions of disabled people.
At a Q&A session with pupils from Taunton Academy she told them she sent out three job applications to potential employers telling them she was disabled and three applications that didn't mention she had a disability. The responses were very different.
She heard nothing back from companies where she had revealed she was disabled but employers who didn't know she had a disability did offer her interviews.
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