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New fund 'necessary' for future of NDIS

Thu, 09 Mar 2017, 01:48 PM

SBS News, 2 March 2017
The federal government has suggested the national disability insurance scheme will be put at risk if a bill to establish a special savings fund is not passed.
The failure to pass laws creating a special savings account will put at risk the future of the national disability insurance scheme, the government has warned parliament.
Social Services Minister Christian Porter on Thursday said the fund would allow the Commonwealth to accumulate clearly-identified savings, and protect that money to exclusively pay for the future of the NDIS.
"A failure to support the bill is a failure to support a process that is absolutely necessary for the NDIS," he told MPs.
"It is absolutely necessary to give certainty and peace of mind to what will eventually be the 460,000 estimated participants in the NDIS."
Read: the full article at SBS news

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