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Media Release from Minister Mark Arbib

Wed, 09 Dec 2009, 10:38 AM

Minister for Employment Participation
Minister Assisting the Prime Minister for Government Service Delivery

December 9, 2009

Government unveils new $1.2 billion Disability Employment Service

Minister for Employment Participation Mark Arbib today announced the successful organisations for the Australian Government’s new $1.2 billion Disability Employment Services.

The new service, to begin operation on March 1, 2010, is a significant improvement in services for people with disability, their families and carers, and employers.

“The introduction of the new arrangements is expected to increase the participation of people with disability in employment,” Senator Arbib said.

“One of most significant changes the Rudd Government has made is to remove the cap on the number of people who can access help.

“We’ve opened up the scheme, so for the first time, every person with disability can be helped to find work.

“This will be of great benefit to many individuals and families across Australia and has received widespread endorsement from both people with disability and their families and the industry.”

Disability Employment Services was developed with a strong focus on social inclusion through more than 12 months of engagement and consultation.

“There is a greater emphasis on skills development, education and training, particularly in areas of local skills shortages,” Senator Arbib said.

“This will greatly improve the employment prospects of a group of people who need extra help to find and keep meaningful employment.”

There will be 66 organisations from more than 1100 sites delivering Disability Employment Services Program A.

Program A is for job seekers with disability, injury or health condition who require the assistance of a Disability Employment Service but are not expected to need long-term support in the workplace.

The organisations include Government-owned provider CRS Australia, and a range of small and large private sector and community-based organisations.

Another 209 organisations which currently deliver Disability Employment Network services will deliver Disability Employment Services Program B from about 1150 sites.

Disability Employment Services Program B is for job seekers with a permanent disability and with an assessed need for more long-term regular ongoing support in the workplace.

Senator Arbib announced additional services to support people with disability access employment, including contracts to provide national coverage for the National Disability Recruitment Coordinator and a JobAccess information and advice service which delivers workplace solutions for people with disability and mental health conditions.

Individual participants or their employers with queries about the introduction of Disability Employment Services can call the Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations customer service line on 1800 805 260.

A full list of successful organisations by Employment Service Areas will be available at www.workplace.gov.au.

Contact phone: 03 9012 6000
Contact email: info@disabilityemployment.org.au

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