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How our members can help you

Our members provide Disability Employment Services (DES) throughout Australia to people with disability looking for or in work, and to employers

Here's what they can do for you:

  • Help find the right job and the right employer for you,
  • Tailor the job description to match your abilities,
  • Recommend physical modifications to a workplace if needed,
  • Prepare you and your future employer about what to expect,
  • Advise your new employer about any financial support that may be available for employing people with disability,
  • Provide on or off site support for you and your employer as required,
  • Support you in the workplace and talk about any issues with your employer should you wish them to do so.

If you're investigating work options, your local Disability Employment Service provider is the perfect starting point.

Search our members, and find your local Disability Employment Service provider.