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2013 ‘Equity Employer of The Year’ Award - BlueLine Employment, Tasmania

Tasmanian-based BlueLine Employment has a successful internal Disability Employment Strategy and employs 50% of staff with disability.

The success of BlueLine across these areas saw them win the Tasmanian Training Award 2013 ‘Equity Employer of The Year’.

BlueLine Employment's Manager, Jessamine Gibb said, "We have over 50% of staff who would qualify as clients of the service, and the other 50% have (or have had) significant people in their lives with a lived experience of disability. We view real life ex-perience with disability as a transferrable skill, like any other skill, when we consider candidates for roles at BlueLine.

"We hope that our Disability Employment Strategy brings an extra layer of quality to our service."

In recruiting new staff and supporting the existing workforce BlueLine Employment:

  • Place a high regard on lived experience of disability during the selection process of shortlisted candidates and in deciding to present an offer of employment.
  • Consider the potential contribution of clients on the caseload in addition to applicants from the wider community.
  • Will organise any adaptations to the application and interview process required by applicants with disabilities upon request.
  • Will purchase any workplace modifications required to assist a suitable candidate to perform in their role.
  • Will consider changes to duties and job-sharing arrangements that would assist a suitable candidate with a disability to perform effectively within the team.
  • Provide a stigma-free environment where Equal Employment Opportunity and Anti-Discrimination is a shared value.
  • Supports employees with episodic conditions to maintain their employment by providing Time in Lieu arrangements in addition to sick leave and annual leave.
  • Assists to maintain the health and wellbeing of all staff by ensuring a workplace that promotes work/life balance, is family friendly and preserves the Occupational Health, Safety and Welfare of employees

BlueLine Employment hope by publicising their the success of their strategy, it will encourage other businesses to employ more people with disability.

Above: the staff at BlueLine Employment. BlueLine Employment is a member of Disability Employment Australia.