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Every employer has the potential to employ a person with disability.

Australia's Disability Employment Service providers are ready, willing and able to assist you.


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There are hundreds of Disability Employment Service (DES) providers across the country ready, willing and very able to assist you.

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Australia's Disability Employment Service providers can help find the right person, prepare your workplace and be an ongoing source of advice and assistance wherever you are located

Disability Employment Services currently supports 140,000 Australians with disability prepare, secure and maintain employment each year. We are able to achieve these results because we understand both employers and employees and work in the interests of both parties.


Disability Employment Service providers do not charge employers for their services.

Disability Employment Australia represents Australia's Disability Employment Services. Find out how Disability Employment Australia members can help you join the thousands of employers of every size, shape and sector that employ people with disability.

Additional support

Do you need support to make your workplace an inclusive and supportive environment for people with disability? See how employers can become more disability confident.

Download the booklet Employers Guide to Partnering with Disability Employment Services

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