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Disability Employment Australia offers a range of crucial Capability Development opportunities tailored to the Disability Employment Services sector to help ensure you are a provider of choice.

From the complete DES Essentials package, vital workshops and bespoke in-house training to responsive webinars, and free online resources - our range of capability development opportunities provide the ideal way to invest in the professional development of your staff and organisation. We also link you to sector-specific external opportunities.

“Staff at SensWide have found the training offered by Disability Employment Australia to be deed relevant, contemporary and extremely thorough.

"They have come away energised with new ideas and fresh approaches. We will definitely enrol for more training into the future as they are excellent professional development and good value for money.”

– John Donnon, Executive Manager, SensWide Employment

Most workshop training opportunities and resources are available to both members and non-members. Members benefit from significantly reduced pricing. Webinars are usually member-only.

Contact us for more information: 03 9012 6000 | info@disabilityemployment.org.au

Download: Disability Employment Australia's capability development refund and cancellation policy

Capability Development opportunities

DES Essentials - Full induction package

DES Essentials is a comprehensive and customisable 2 day induction program for all DES employees. Invest in the package to receive 7 modules with participant workbooks, presentations and facilitator guides. In-house workshops are also available.

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Achieving DES Star Ratings - Workshops

This interactive workshop provides practical considerations to achieve desired Star Ratings under the DES Performance Framework. Understand how performance builds, or compromises, Star Ratings achievement.

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DES Contractual Compliance - Workshops

A practical workshop that provides the skills and knowledge to effectively comply with the DES contract requirements. Includes a comprehensive train-the-trainer package with workbooks, powerpoint presentation and facilitators guide.

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Building From Experience Roadshow 2015

The Building From Experience Roadshow will explore the current DES model and how it is operating, as well as look at the possibilities inherent in a new model. We want all members to have the opportunity to talk with us.

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Member Webinars

Disability Employment Australia offer a range of capability development webinars tailored to Disability Employment Services. These offerings are complimentary as part of the membership package. These webinars are members-only.

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Wage Connect Subsidy - Webinar

This interactive webinar demonstrates Wage Connect Subsidy processes using a case study and explores strategies for individuals to better understand compliance requirements.

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Employment Pathway Plans - Webinar

This interactive webinar focuses on case studies that demonstrate individualised and tailored EPPs. It provides the foundational skills and knowledge to develop good quality EPPs in line with DES contractual obligations.

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