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National Leaders' Forum

National Leaders' Forums are designed as interactive one-day strategic sessions, and are aimed at CEO and management personnel.

They are a chance to meet with the board and staff, and to address topical sector issues and developments with colleagues from across the sector.

  • Forums are members only.
  • Traditionally, we host two forums per year. 

“The one day forum is perfect…Worth the investment.”

The April 2018 Leaders’ Forum is a gathering point for our sector for the final preparation for the new DES model.

This forum will focus directly on transition. The results of the Grant application will be known and it is likely that members will have many questions around transition and preparing for 1 July 2018. 

It is an excellent time (and place) for the forum considering the sector will be in full preparation mode for the 1 July commencement. Senior bureaucrats from DSS will answer questions around the transition process, the new performance framework setting, new DES guidelines and other specific matters directly related to the new DES. The forum will aim to answer some of the following questions: 

  • Is your organisation fully prepared for transition into the new DES? 
  • Do you have knowledge of the new performance framework? 
  • Can you deliver holistic, person-centred and individualised assistance?
  • How do you effectively engage with employers? 
  • How you drive performance and quality service delivery in a market driven model?
  • How do you retain qualified and experienced staff?
  • How might providers engage or link with other initiatives such as the NDIS to achieve positive outcomes for people with disability?
  • Where does assisting people with disability to gain skills, work experience and training to gain employment fit in the new DES?

The Leaders’ Forum is designed to build your capacity to deliver on these questions. It is your chance to ask questions and give feedback on the transition process for the new DES program to ensure the new DES market, with its foundation of current DES providers, increases employment outcomes for people with disability.

Our National Leaders’ Forum is synonymous with forward thinking, and engaged, pragmatic debate. It is a place where you can test the best of your strategic thinking with the best in the sector.

We look forward to meeting with you in Canberra on 19 April 2018.

Who should attend?

The Disability Employment Australia Leaders' Forum is a members-only event. 
Attendees include senior Disability Employment Services staff, with particular focus on managers and CEOs.


  • One-day 
  • Interactive discussions including Q&A

Contact Information

For more information, please contact Helen Roland at  Disability Employment Australia. 
Phone: (03) 9012 6000
Email: events@disabilityemployment.org.au

Presentations from past forums

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