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DEA honours excellence in Disability Employment

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Disability Employment Australia are delighted to announce our new suite of awards recognising excellence and commitment to disability employment.

The right of people with disability to pursue and be engaged in meaningful, fairly paid employment is at the core of everything we do at DEA.

In 2024, these inaugural Awards will recognise the three essential components of effective and rewarding disability employment.

The Awards:
The Prime Super Employer Award acknowledges an organisation that has exemplified an outstanding commitment to the inclusion of people with disability in rewarding, open and ongoing employment.

It will recognise the benefits to everyone when employers diversify their staff and build a culture of inclusion and belonging in their workplaces.

The genU Training Participant Award recognises a participant who has achieved amazing things on their journey to a fulfilling career, whether they have found the right job yet, are just starting in work, or have been working for years.

Through the Fundamentals for DES training package, co-developed with DEA, genU puts the participant and their aspirations at the heart of the journey, and this Award is all about celebrating people who have held a dream and dedicated themselves towards fulfilling it, no matter the obstacles in their way.

Rex Eagle Practitioner Award, sponsored by Prospert recognises a disability employment frontline worker who has demonstrated exceptional commitment to participant-led employer engagement and to delivering service of the highest quality.

It will showcase the qualities, skills and experience that together exemplify the best professional practice in our sector.

We can’t wait to showcase the best and brightest of Australia’s disability employment sector.


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