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2019 objectives


As the only peak body to focus solely on the nexus of disability and employment,  Disability Employment Australia is best placed to represent the sector to achieve positive change.

This year we have attempted to gaze both into the immediate future and out into the distant future. We have attempted to focus on the basics as well as the abstracts —on the knowns and unknowns. While the new DES settles stakeholders must continue to understand the bigger picture that is the future of disability employment.
Our circular diagram has served us well in the last three years as a compass through the review and out into the new. It helps us centre on priority actions from emerging policy to understand and strive for continual improvement and best practice. Now it must be something more than merely a compass.
Four years ago, DES was central to the diagram, then disability employment, then the National Disability Strategy. None of those are less important today. As you can see, they are all still within the diagram. But what is now central to our strategic considerations is people with disability and employers. From there on to the outer circle of the diagram are key features — be they reports, ideas, operating principles or people — they are all intrinsically connected to our role in assisting as many people into sustainable employment as possible and in closing the workforce participation gap between people with disability and people who don’t have disability.
The last two circles are the distant future — 2021. Place yourself in 2021 and look back at 2019. You know that DES, jobactive, mental health reforms and the NDIS, all engage people with disability seeking employment assistance. You also know that each of those programs/schemes/reforms is developing/evolving/changing between 2018 and 2021. If you could influence the policy, design, model and practice, what would you do? That is the future of disability employment and that is what DEA, with you, is going to do. This diagram is our map, our talisman, our checklist.
The new DES is our immediate focus but the future must, and will, be engaged. From DEA’s strategic plan’s three core objectives (Membership Services, Centre of Excellence and Shaping the Future), to the range of services and supports, webinars and forums, DEA will deliver on this ‘Looking Ahead’ map so that we have control of the path and direction into the future. And with our best supports, people with disability will enjoy the fruits and freedoms of employment and careers.

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