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2018 objectives


As the only peak body to focus solely on the nexus of disability and employment,  Disability Employment Australia is best placed to represent the sector to achieve positive change.

Disability Employment Australia (DEA) applies the circular diagram below to envisage the next twelve months of strategic direction in disability employment. This is our compass. It is the way to direct our energies in actions and activities that can best respond to, and be pro-active about, disability employment policy and practices.
The most significant change from last year is in DEA’s offer to represent, resource and support our members. Last year, and through the DES review, the bulk of our work was member representation. In 2018, the pendulum will swing to more support and resourcing to members. While we will continue to be the best representative body for the disability employment sector, we will also ramp up our support with a suite of resources to see you into the new DES and beyond.
DEA, like the sector it represents, needs to change. Our change aligns with a core objective of our Strategic Plan – that is, to formally develop DEA into a disability employment Centre of Excellence. The DEA Centre of Excellence will be a place where members can access:
  • best practice service delivery ideas and models;
  • evidence-based research and explorations of the barriers to employment for people with disability;
  • innovative employer engagements, and;
  • our continued endorsment of the DES sector as the go-to service for disability employment supports beyond DES and into the NDIS and the greater community.

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Contact Helen from Disability Employment Australia on 03 9012 6000 or info@disabilityemployment.org.au for further details or to apply for membership.

Download:  Disability Employment Australia's Membership Flyer (PDF)