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Message from our CEO

Rick KaneA message from Rick Kane, CEO, Disability Employment Australia

We believe that our position – as the only peak body in Australia to work exclusively on disability employment issues – gives us a privileged responsibility to ensure that the interests of people with disability are at the heart of everything we do.

Our conviction that employment in the open labour market is a central tenet of social inclusion ensures that the Disability Employment Services program remains relevant and accessible to people with disability, and importantly, that the program provides a viable and manageable framework for DES providers to operate successful businesses.

We will continue to advocate for the sustainability of a distinctive Disability Employment Services program, differentiated from mainstream employment services.

As an organisation, one of our ongoing goals is the promotion of the DES program and of disability employment more generally – including building awareness in the community and to a variety of stakeholder groups.

Our range of professional Capability Development products are tailored to Disability Employment Services, and significantly strengthen the capacity of the sector to deliver employment services to people with disability and to employers. Our members benefit from significantly reduced training registration rates.

As a membership organisation, we place high value on the input of all our members, and the diversity of experience that this brings. We work to involve as many organisations as possible in our activities, for example through requests to contribute to consultations, surveys, reference and working groups or requests for feedback on submissions and participation in a wide range of projects.

Join us – as your peak body, we are here to support, represent and resource you.

Contact us about membership

Contact Charlotte from Disability Employment Australia on 03 9012 6000 or info@disabilityemployment.org.au for further details or to apply for membership.

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