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Membership Infographic

Recently Disability Employment Australia conducted a member survey through an independent organisation, Survey Matters. As you know surveys are a dependable means to get honest and critical feedback from members. The results will assist us to take a broad look at how we engage with our members and for our members. The survey is an instructive guide to what we are doing well and what we can do better. In addition to producing our survey, Survey Matters were able to benchmark our results against their 2015 Associations Matter Survey. This has enabled us to clearly see how we compare in relation to similar member-based organisations. Our overall results align with, or are higher than, the benchmark study.

139 individual survey response were submitted from 64% of our member organisations, which gives us a great overview of what is important to our members and the sector. An interesting aside: almost half of survey respondents (49%) have been in the sector for more than 10 years! The overall results are very positive. Our members have indicated a high level of satisfaction (80%) with the services and activities we provide, especially in terms of keeping them informed about the sector, our advocacy efforts, and the networking opportunities we facilitate. 

The survey isn’t just a set of opinions, comments, and feedback. It represents a meaningful snapshot of members’ attitudes. To give you a gauge of what survey results have told us we have developed an infographic that highlights key findings. We trust that you find it as valuable as we have. This survey established a benchmark from which DEA can compare results over the next 4 years. The infographic gives us all a clear sense of what DEA means to its members and even to the broader disability employment sector.