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Hall of Fame

Garry Davison — Awarded August 2019

He has also been involved in representations to Government on the future directions of disability employment as a member of the Ministers Advisory Committee as well as being on Advisory Committees, including the Stars Working Group and the IT Working group, and is a National Panel of Assessors member.

Garry’s efforts changed the landscape of disability employment services as we know it. There is not enough space to zone in on all his accomplishments but three should be highlighted. In the early days of ACE National, Garry divised the basic model of working with government, ministers and departments. His model/approach is still the basis of how DEA operates today.

Second, his tireless efforts as a leader in the mid-2000s, working with DEEWR and the various ministers, took the DES program from a capped model to an uncapped model. In other words, DES has 85,000 more participants being assisted today than in 2013 and that was five years after DES became uncapped.

Garry is blessed with being both pragmatic and idealistic—as well as reasonable. The third example of Garry’s contribution to disability employment is actually playing out in real time. That is his commitment to ongoing support as a basic best practice principle to ensure employment placements for people with disability become sustainable employment.

Garry is a worthy addition to DEA’s Hall of Fame. Garry’s work, efforts, and impact stretch far beyond what can be noted here. Garry’s character, his temperament, disposition and his mettle have moulded disability employment policy and practice for the better.