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August 2017
Overview of current Department requirements in terms of program assurance priorities and feedback from providers on these activities. This webinar is available to Disability Employment Australia members only.
DES Compliance and Program Assurance
DEA Webinar DEA Webinar Aug 03 2017 More info
Access to secure employment is a high priority for disabled people, not just because of the increased financial security it can bring, but because of the difference it can make to people’s health and well-being. Work really matters and is essential to a good life. The employment participation rate for disabled people is half that of the general population. Disabled people are missing out and the labour market is missing out on the contribution that disabled people can make.
Why Work Matters – NZDSN National Employment Symposium
External New Zealand Aug 09 - Aug 10 2017 Register
In this seminar Michael Callahan will explain how to customise employment, the process of ‘discovery’ and the benefits of ‘systematic instruction’ or job coaching for people with disabilities. He will also address the significant barriers to real work for people and provide families and workers with proven and practical strategies for assisting people to plan for, seek out and sustain employment.
Employment for ALL: Getting & keeping jobs for people with disability
External Brisbane Aug 15 2017 Register
This conference creates a welcoming space where people with disabilities, their families and friends together with professionals, educators, students and others can find a forum to bridge the gap! It’s an opportunity to provoke debate, challenge the status quo, stimulate discussion, and offer new ideas that encourage inclusive and connected communities.
Belonging Matters Conference
External Melbourne Aug 16 - Aug 17 2017 Register
Advocacy groups have long played a crucial role in promoting the rights of users whilst ensuring their safeguard. You are invited to an interactive roundtable workshop with Dr Shereen Hussein of King’s College London, here in Melbourne as a visiting international fellow. Come along to share your advocacy work with Dr Hussein, and hear examples of social service advocacy from the UK and Europe. Dr Hussein will also discuss the role of advocacy that is present at various stages of social service, and will highlight the role of the wider context of national social policy strategies in establishing the role of advocacy.
Advocacy's role in ensuring choice, control & safeguarding of service users
External Melbourne Aug 22 2017 Register
Social workers provide emotional and practical support to vulnerable service users who are likely to suffer from emotional trauma and mental health conditions. Stress and burnout levels are reported to be high among social workers, however, little is known about their exact relationships with work, personal characteristics and client groups. Join Dr Shereen Hussein as she explores research findings related to social workers in England and burnout, and how measures can be put in place to prevent burnout.
Work engagement, burnout and personal accomplishments among social workers
External Melbourne Aug 25 2017 Register
Join Dr Shereen Hussein (Research Professor, King’s College London) as she discusses policy and demographic challenges impact on the social service workforce. Dr Hussein will discuss the evolving nature and roles of this workforce and how they interact and respond to increased demand, with empirical examples from the UK and Europe.
Workforce for the future: trends and challenges in an age of marketisation
External Melbourne Aug 30 2017 Register
September 2017
Disability Employment Australia’s Annual Conference is Australasia’s premier conference for managers, aspiring managers, practitioners, and academics working in or with the Disability Employment Services sector.
Disability Employment Australia's Annual Conference
External Brisbane Sep 06 - Sep 07 2017 Register
The Strengthening Disability Advocacy Conference is hosted by DARU and is the flagship event for the disability advocacy sector in Victoria. The conference planning committee is comprised of representatives from disability advocacy organisations.
Strengthening Disability Advocacy Conference 2017
External Melbourne Sep 15 2017 Register
November 2017
The National Employment Solutions Conference will examine the changing face of work and the workplace and the impacts on sector professionals. The program will examine challenges, opportunities, trends and issues that relate to innovative employment solutions in both job supply and demand.
National Employment Solutions Conference
External Gold Coast Nov 16 - Nov 17 2017 Register
Held over two days in Sydney in November 2017, the NDIS Mental Health Conference is an opportunity for the Mental Health sector to work together to make the most of this new scheme. With the conference theme ‘towards a good life’, there will be a focus on the transformational potential of the NDIS for people living with a psychosocial disability.
National NDIS Mental Health Conference
External Sydney Nov 16 - Nov 17 2017 Register
December 2017
Hosted by youth employment and career education consultancy, THINQ GROUP, the event welcomed 240 delegates from across Australia, New Zealand, Europe and Asia to network and share best practices in supporting young people in the areas of engagement, education, employment and entrepreneurship.
External Gold Coast Dec 05 - Dec 06 2017 Register